Player & Parent Code of Conduct (Norwood Minor Hockey)

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Players have a responsibility to:

  • Play for FUN! Work hard to improve your skills
  • Be a team player and get along with your teammates
  • Learn teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline
  • Be on time for practices and games
  • Learn the rules and play by them.  Always be a good sport!
  • Respect your coaches, your teammates, your parents, opponents and officials
  • Never argue with the official's decision



Parents have the responsibility to:

  • Make your child's chosen sport FUN
  • Encourage your child to play by the rules
  • DO NOT embarass your child by yelling at the players, coaches or officials
  • Emphasize skill development and practice sessions; show how they benefit your child
  • Know the rules of the game and support the officials on and off the ice.  This will help in the development of the sport.  Criticism only hurts the game and your child.
  • Applaud a good effort in both victory and defeat; reinforce the positive points of the game
  • Recognize the importance of volunteer coaches.  They're important to the development of your child and the sport.  
  • Profanity and objectionable cheers or gestures are offensive; cheer in a positive manner and encourage fair play
  • Abide by the 24 hour rule.  If you are upset or need to speak to the coach regarding something that happened in a game or practice, you must wait 24 hours before speaking to the coach regarding any matter.